Please leave your comments and suggestions re: year 4 in this section. We will endeavour to take your feedback on board, however, please  be aware that we cannot grant every wish or suggestion.

The CLINIC CALENDAR is used for students to book live consultations according to supervisor availability. Please book your live consultations at least 2 weeks in advance so supervisors can plan their time in advance. 

This section contains documents to support your Year 4 study at BCNH - e.g. timetables, handbooks, tutorial support documents and information regarding all requirements for completing the course other than case study templates, guidelines as procedures.

This section includes templates and completion guidelines related to each stage of a written submission or live consultation for your case studies.

Please refer to these documents when completing your clinical work to avoid failing your written work or live consultations, which will incur additional fees.

This section contains lecture and seminar notes, and links to video and audio recordings of the lectures and seminars.

This section contains documents related to live consultations such as HPQ, food diary,  client letters templates, consent forms, tests, charts, diagrams, handouts, etc.

This page is a referenced database of various health concerns and conditions, as well as macro- & micro-nutrients, therapeutic foods, herbs & phyto-chemicals, medical & functional tests, medical & recreational drugs, etc. and their mechanism. This information is constantly updated, so please visit it regularly.

Please do not plagiarise information from the Mx Database as it will result in loss of marks.

This course is for BCNH Clinical Tutors & Supervisors only